Table 1.

Mean (± SE) values of non-REM and REM sleep time, cortical brain temperature, feeding activity, plasma leptin and ghrelin concentrations, and hypothalamic ghrelin contents in 24-h, in the 12-h light period, and in the 12-h dark period in rats free-feeding on normal diurnal rhythm and in rats with food restricted to the 12-h light period

Free FeedingRestricted Feeding
NREMS, %Rec time
REMS, %Rec time
Tcrt, °C
    24 h37.6±0.0837.7±0.08
Feeding Activity, %24 h
Leptin, ng/ml
    24 h3.5±0.245.3±0.47*
Plasma ghrelin, pg/ml
    24 h1,333.3±77.581,735.4±142.23*
Hypothalamic ghrelin, pg/mg
    24 h1.04±0.0271.10±0.018*
  • Values are means ± SE. REM, rapid eye movement; REMS, REM sleep; NREMS, non-REM sleep; Tcrt, cortical brain temperature; %Rec time, % recording time.

  • * Significant difference (Student t-test) between free-feeding rats and rats on restricted feeding.