Table 2.

Resting hemodynamic variables recorded over electrical stimulation period before and after administration of 7-NI

MAP, mmHg
    Frequency-response curve119±4115±3−3±2
    Successive 10-Hz ES118±3115±3−2±2
MR, mmHg/kHz
    Frequency-response curve83±24104±36+21±12
    Successive 10-Hz ES104±40101±31+11±7
HQR, mmHg/kHz
    Frequency-response curve99±10114±14+14±3*
    Successive 10-Hz ES99±10117±14+17±3*
  • Value are means ± SE (n = 7). HQR, hindquarter vascular resistance. Frequency-response curves were determined before and 30–60 min after administration of 7-nitroindazole (7-NI, 45 mg/kg iv). Successive episodes of 10-Hz electrical stimulation (ES) were administered before and 60–120 min after administration of 7-NI.

  • * P < 0.05 vs. Before.