Table 1.

The effect of methyl atropine and vagotomy on the CSNA, LSNA, heartbeat, and MAP responses to 1.5 μg PBG

ControlMethyl atropineVagotomy
ΔMAP, mmHg (n = 7)−41.6±7.7−25.9±6.2*−8.5±2.6
30-s CUSUM values
Heartbeats (n = 7)−4.2±0.8−0.2±0.1*0.2±0.1
LSNA (n = 5)−8.2±3.1−8.4±2.2−1.1±1.4
CSNA (inhibitory) (n = 5)−10.7±2.0−10.8±2.21.4±1.1
CSNA (excitatory) (n = 2)15.1±4.813.6±0.54.5±0.9
CSNA (all, displacement from zero) (n = 7)12.0±2.011.6±1.62.6±0.8††
  • Values are group means ± SE from experimental series 2. Data are taken from the mean responses to 3 doses of 1.5 μg PBG in each rat (n) before methyl atropine (control), after methyl atropine administration, and again after subsequent bilateral vagotomy. ΔMAP, change in mean arterial pressure; CUSUM, cumulative sum; LSNA, lumbar sympathetic nerve activity; CSNA, cardiac sympathetic nerve activity.

  • * Significantly different from control values (P < 0.05, paired t-test). Significantly different from those before vagotomy:

  • P < 0.05, paired t-test and

  • †† P < 0.01 (Wilcoxon signed rank test).