Table 2.

Parameter estimates of the final model

ParameterEstimateRSE Estimate, %IIV, %CVRSE IIV, %
Glucose absorption rate (TVKa), min−10.013122929
Gastric emptying effect on (EXPOGast), dimensionless1.57
Insulin-independent glucose clearance (CL), l/min0.12137813
Volume of distribution (V), liter3.21010 FIX
Baseline glucose in lean individuals (GL0Lean), mmol/l4.91613
Baseline glucose in obese individuals, (GL0Obese), mmol/l5.21613
Insulin-dependent clearance in lean individuals (Embedded Image), l/min0.052154118
Insulin-dependent clearance in obese individuals (Embedded Image), l/min0.029184118
Insulin efficacy in lean individuals (Embedded Image), μU7.1140 FIX
Insulin efficacy in obese individuals (Embedded Image), μU15.3250 FIX
Sigmoidal Hill coefficient (H), dimensionless3.3210 FIX
Equilibration rate constant of insulin effect compartment (K1E), min−10.014120 FIX
Proportional residual error in lean individuals10%11
Proportional residual error in obese individuals8%8
  • CV, coefficient of variation; FIX, fixed parameter; IIV, interindividual variability; RSE, relative standard error; Ins50, insulin concentration from the effect compartment associated with 50% of CLIns/V.