Table 1.

Did licking for different taste stimuli alter plasma insulin and blood glucose dynamics in B6 mice (experiment 3)?

Taste StimulusBlood MeasurementF RatiodfP Value
GlucosePlasma insulin7.94,320.0001
Blood glucose42.04,32<0.0001
SucrosePlasma insulin10.84,20<0.004
Blood glucose25.74,20<0.0001
MaltosePlasma insulin13.84,28<0.0001
Blood glucose23.34,28<0.0001
PolycosePlasma insulin5.04,28<0.004
Blood glucose68.64,28<0.0001
FructosePlasma insulin2.04,200.17
Blood glucose17.94,20<0.001
MDGPlasma insulin1.24,240.34
Blood glucose0.74,280.51
Ace KPlasma insulin0.34,280.77
Blood glucose1.74,280.23
SucralosePlasma insulin0.84,280.54
Blood glucose2.24,280.16
SaccharinPlasma insulin1.74,280.21
Blood glucose0.74,280.63
SC45647Plasma insulin0.24,280.91
Blood glucose2.64,280.14
  • We used repeated-measure ANOVA to test for time-dependent changes in plasma insulin or blood glucose concentration, separately for each taste stimulus. The actual results are in Fig. 4. df, degrees of freedom.